Password Please

The princess comes to the door and knocks a rhythm in threes.
A stony face appears and grumbles, “Password Please.”
Through the opening, a sad story is told:
The poor troll aged before he got old.

Seeing the weary warden’s eyes
sympathetically, the princess replies:

Oh, rock-troll, I see your plight.
You work for hours, it’s just not right.
You’re meant for more than just to serve.
This life is far beneath what you deserve!
But alas, you’re stuck, are you not?
This little life is everything you’ve got.
You could complain, you could beg for more
but what would come? What good’s it for?
If you make a scene, they might put a goblin in your place
and leave you with nothing but more lines of age upon your face.
But maybe loss is what you need?
Maybe that would mean you’re freed?
The journey to the greatest heights is oft begun
way down in rock bottom – excuse the pun.

Thoughtfully the rock-troll mumbles.
Then it rises to a rumble and he grumbles:

Rock bottom is a fine place if you know you’ll get out
but it’s full of risk and it’s full of doubt.
It’s a risk I lack the luxury to choose.
Yes, I have so little left to lose
but a little is a lot
if a little is all that you’ve got.
A reckless risk is not a deed
to be done by one with children to feed.
I am glad to hear your sympathies
but all that’s left to say is Password Please.

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